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Parts, Tires & Repair

Call (304) 862-2312

ATV Parts, Tires & Service


Open 7 Days A Week 8:30am - 8pm


25 years experience

Serving Hatfield McCoy Trails since 2010

ATV & UTV Tires


Largest parts inventory at Hatfield McCoy Trails!

STI, Maxxis, Fuel, GBC, AMS & more

Wheels By STI, Raceline, ITP & more

ATV Repair & Service


Same day service

Axles, bearings, brakes, batteries, belts, ball joints and much, much more.

Don't let a breakdown ruin your trip!

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"My son broke his tie rod on the top of trail 52. I rode back to see if they may have a way to help me. Not only did they go out of their way to assist but they had a new part in stock. I can't even get parts in stock at the dealership. Back on the trails in 10 minutes for two more days of riding."

                                                           David - 

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