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Navigation Systems

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Samsung tablet Bob T's maps

SAMSUNG TABLETS With Bob T's Maps starting at $189+tax

Pre-loaded with Bob T's Trail Maps, our Samsung Navigation tablets are the perfect tool for exploring WV trails. With comprehensive maps including Hatfield McCoy Trials, local trails, waypoints and landmarks, exploring WV has never been easier. 

Each Samsung tablet is pre-loaded with Bob T's maps and the Oruxmaps app. Oruxmaps tracks you as you ride and shows your position on the maps at all times. Oruxmaps allows you to record your rides/tracks and mark waypoints and landmarks. The systems works entirely by GPS. Wifi or cell signal is not needed to use the navigation system.  


In addition to the comprehensive WV trail maps, the tablets also include other riding areas mapped by Bob T including Va, Ky, Tn, Moab, Co and more. Several day ride tracks are also included. Trails are labeled and are color coded by level of difficulty.  Common landmarks and points of interest are also labeled. 


We offer NEW genuine Samsung tablets. All tablets come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.  

Each tablet includes Easy Update Instructions and Quick Start Instructions.


-Bob T's maps are FREE to anyone for download at the link below. You do not need to purchase a pre-loaded tablet to access & use Bob T's maps. Instructions for setup and install are in the download file.

-Navigation systems are not necessary to ride Hatfield McCoy Trails. The HMT are well mapped and well marked.  Paper maps are available at no charge in our store or from any HMT permit retailer or trailhead. 

-Bob T's maps are NOT routable. They are live maps that show your position on the map, but they do not give turn by turn directions. 

-Our tablets do not include topographical images. We do not install topographical imagery and we do not recommend it. Topographical images are large files that use a lot of RAM and can potentially affect performance. If you elect to self-install topographical imagery or modify the mapping system in any way, and in doing so remove, corrupt, damage or otherwise change the Oruxmaps system, there may be a charge to repair or reinstall the programs.

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