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Updating Your Tablet With The Latest Map

For Oruxmaps & File Manager +


These instructions will allow you to update your tablet to the most current trail map for WV, VA, KY created and provided by Bob T.  This page will always link to the most current map. If you already have the current map, you do not need to update. 

Before you begin, power on your tablet and connect to WiFi.  Make sure the GPS is turned off in the Oruxmaps app and close out of Oruxmaps.  Insure you have adequate battery life to complete the update.  Perform any pending system updates before attempting the map update. To check for system updates, click the “Settings” icon and choose “Software Update” in the Settings list. Click to check for and install any available updates. We suggest you read through the instructions entirely before beginning the update.

To update Bob T’s maps:

1.   Click the following link to download the latest map:

2.   When the download is complete, an "Open File" button will pop up.  DO NOT click the "open file" button.  Open the File Manager + app on your tablet. 

3.   On the opening screen, click to open the “Downloads” folder.  Find the downloaded map file and long press the file name until the box turns green.

4.  Click “Copy” at the bottom of the screen.  In the top left corner of the screen click the second item labeled “Main Storage”. After clicking "Main Storage, choose the “Oruxmaps” folder and then click the “Map Files” folder.  With the Map Files folder open, click “Paste” at the bottom of the screen.  You have just moved the new map file into your Orux app. Close the File Manager + app.

5. Open the Orux app and click the Map icon in the top right corner.  Select “Switch Map” and choose the new map from the list shown. Your new map is now loaded and ready to use.

*These update instructions are provided for tablets purchased and/or programmed at Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort. Tablets purchased elsewhere may use different apps and processes to run Bob T’s maps, in which case these instructions will not be appropriate. 

*As always, you are welcome to bring your tablet to Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort, and we will perform the map update for you. We are unable to provide update instruction by phone.

*These instructions were created and provided by Wild Willy's ATV Rezort for customers of Wild Willy's ATV Rezort ONLY.  Cloning, copying, plagiarizing, distributing and/or any other use of these instructions without permission is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action and public humiliation.
In other words, competitors, do your own work.

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