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Wild Willy's Cabin Rental Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Effective 1-9-2015:

*Cabin rental deposits are non-refundable if your reservation is cancelled with less than 4 weeks remaining before your arrival date.  *Deposits for holiday and/or holiday weekends are not refundable under any circumstances.

*In the event you must cancel your reservation with more than 4 weeks remaining before your arrival date, Wild Willy's ATV Rezort will make every effort to fill your reservation by posting notice of availability on our website and our Facebook page.  If we are able to successfully fill your reservation in its entirety, we will refund your deposit minus a $25 cancellation fee.   

*Cancellation requests due to inclement weather will not be accepted.

*Date change requests will be only be accepted if there are 4 weeks or longer remaining before your scheduled arrival date.  Date change requests can only be honored if there is adequate availability.

*If your reservation is filled and a refund is issued, it may take 2-3 business days for the refund to be credited to your account and/or to be reflected on your bank/credit card statement.

*Failure to arrive for your scheduled reservation with no communication will forfeit your deposit and you will be charged the remaining balance for all days reserved.

Reservation Terms
*Cabins cannot be reserved and will not be held without a deposit.


*We reserve the right to limit the number of cabins that may be reserved by a single party.


*We encourage large groups to allow each party to reserve their own individual cabin.  In the event part of your group fails to arrive, the reserving party will be held responsible for the remaining balance for the reservation.

Cabin & Campround Rules
*Cabins are non-smoking.  For the convenience of smokers, each cabin has a covered porch with outdoor seating.  Guests will be charged a $100 cleaning fee if smoking is detected inside the cabins.


*The maximum capacity per standard cabin is 4 adults.  The maximum capacity for our Lodge is 6 adults.  This rule is pursuant to fire code and health department regulations and is strictly enforced.  Violators will be evicted.  Additional small children may be exempt from this rule.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


*Alcohol is permitted.  Disorderly conduct due to over-consumption can not be tolerated.  If you or a member of your party becomes a nuisance to other guests, you will given a warning.  A second offense will result in eviction.


*No atv's are allowed in our creek.


*Please honor the posted speed limit in our atv friendly community.


*ATV washing is not allowed due to EPA and McDowell County PSD regulations.  We will be happy to wash out your radiators as needed.  Please see office personnel for radiator cleaning.


*Guests will be responsible for any damages to your cabin or our facilities.  The reserving party is responsible for all members of the group.


*Please do not place or leave trash in your fire pit.


*We kindly ask that all guest respect our facilties and your fellow campers. 


*Please decrease your volume level after 10:00p.m. out of respect for your fellow campers.


*No joy-riding in the cabin area.  We do have an adjacent trail for joy-riding or test-rides while at the campground.

*Check-in time is 2:00p.m. on your arrival date.  Check-out time is 11:00a.m. on your departure date.  Early check-in and/or late check out can only be allowed if available with prior approval.  Please contact us 24 hours
prior to arrival to determine availability.


Pet Policy

Effective 4-12-2015 Wild Willy's ATV Rezort will no longer allow pets over 25 pounds unless authorized prior to check-in.  Guests with reservations made prior to this date will not be affected but are still bound by the terms of the policy below:

*Wild Willy's ATV Rezort offers 4 pet friendly cabins.  Pets are not allowed in our Lodge under any circumstances. 


*Non-aggressive pets are allowed with a $10 per pet surcharge per night.  No more than 2 pets are allowed per cabin or party.

*Loud or incessant barking is a nuisance to other guests and cannot be tolerated. 


*Pets are not to be left alone inside the cabins unless crated.


*Pets must be leashed at all times.


*If they poop, you scoop!


*Guests are responsible for any damages caused by pets.


*We do not discriminate by breed, but any pet that exhibits aggressive behavior or threatens the safety of our guests will not be tolerated.