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Our Story

Wild Willy (and Mild Bonnie) are from Goldsboro, NC.  Mt. Olive, actually, but that's splitting hairs.  Willy worked for the state of NC and ran a heating and a/c business on the side.  If you've ever been to eastern NC in July, you know that's a HOT business to be in.  We decided one day, and I literally mean ONE DAY, to do something different.  We packed a bag and moved to WV.  

People ask, "Just like that?"
And the answer is, "Yes, just like that." 
(We make it sound easy.  It's not.)

Willy had been visiting Hatfield McCoy Trails for years and knew there was a deficiency in quality lodging in the Indian Ridge area and felt like he could make a valuable contribution.  Who knows the atv community better than the rider, right?  The rest is history.  If you're in to that kind of thing, read on:


We started in the fall of 2010 and built three cabins.  Willy literally built 3 cabins by hand over that winter, and let me tell you, that was a rough winter.  He trekked through a foot of snow every morning to build those first three cabins.  Thanks to the generosity of our family and friends who came up to volunteer their time when they could, we opened in April of 2011.  Soon after, we began building Cabin #4, and then Cabin #5.  Our garage and office/store soon followed.  Two years later, we completed our last cabin, Cabin #6, our Lodge.  We also began offering ATV rentals. 

Additional improvements have been made each year of these last seven.  We continue to add additional parts and tire inventory, more store stock, new t-shirt designs, and whatever else we can think of.  We have many more plans and lots of projects to complete in the never ending quest to improve.


Since our opening day, the response from our customers has been amazing.  We have continued to evolve to meet the needs of our guests (i.e. work Willy to death), and it is our goal to have something new to offer each time you visit. 

On that note, spread the word, wouldya? 

Why Stay At Wild Willy's?

That's an easy question to answer.  You stay here because there is nowhere else like it.  At Wild Willy's, you are not a customer.  You are our guest.  From the moment you call to make your reservation, you are our #1 priority.  Whether you stay with us or not, we want your visit to Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek & Pocahontas Trails to be the absolute best it can possibly be.  At Wild Willy's, you receive personal service unlike anywhere else. 


If you have a breakdown or mechanical issue, we can help.  We have a garage onsite with a large parts inventory, and are happy to assist you in locating any parts or service we cannot provide.  We have a close relationship with area dealers and will do everything in our power to get you up and running and back on the trails.  We also have extensive trail knowledge and will help you plan your rides based on your preferences and your experience level.  We can assist you by referring you to the best restaurants and other services available in the area.  We are on hand 24 hours a day to help you in any way possible.  


Every feature of our cabins was designed from an atv rider's point of view, from our custom made extra long mattresses to our (virtually) indestructible cabin structures...because who wants to have to be all hoity toity about mud and stuff after a day on these trails, right?  We've stocked our cabins with the essentials so you don't have to bring everything you own.  And if you do find yourself in need of something, we can probably loan it to you, get it for you, or at least tell you a joke or two and make you forget about it!


We supply you with toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, hand soap, garbage bags, coffee filters, cable tv, local and long distance phone service and WiFi.  And I don't mean pseudo WiFi...the kind that you have to stand on one foot with a piece of aluminum foil thrust toward the sky to pick up.  I mean real WiFi that works in your cabin, on the top bunk, in the shower, on the toilet, under the kitchen sink and probably in the microwave. 


Our cabins and grounds are well-maintained and clean....every single time you visit.  Really.  We do all the work here hand....with lots of elbow grease and a few curse words thrown in.   Offering a well-maintained establishment is priority #1 at Wild Willy's ATV Rezort, and you can be assured every cabin is prepared to the very best of our ability.  Furthermore, if your cabin is unsatisfactory in ANY way, we will move mountains to make things right.  Cause that's how we roll.


Last but not least, the best reason to stay at Wild Willy's is Willy.  He's a cool dude.


That's him.